List active REST hooks

This endpoint gives you an overview of the REST hooks that are active for your account.
Lists the active REST hooks for your account
Required input parameters
Returned values
On success you'll receive a JSON array as the payload containing an array of arrays of REST hooks.
Each array contains the following fields:
• subscription_url: the subscription URL of this REST hook. You've specified it when subscribing.
• target_url: the target URL of this hook where data is pushed to. You've specified it when subscribing.
• event_type: the type of this hook. See the corresponding documentation on what hooks are available.
• pass_template: if you specified a pass template, its ID is returned here. Otherwhise the value will be null.

Example payload:

  1. [
  2. {
  3. "subscription_url": "",
  4. "target_url": "",
  5. "event": "app_scan_created",
  6. "pass_template": null
  7. },
  8. {
  9. "subscription_url": "",
  10. "target_url": "",
  11. "event": "pass_created",
  12. "pass_template": null
  13. }
  14. ]