Copy a Pass Template

Copy a pass template inside your account or to one of the customers that you have created using the API

To copy the template to another Passcreator account{template-id-to-copy}/{customer-id}

Copies the given Pass Template. If you specify a customer ID of a Passcreator account that you have created using the API the template will be copied to this account.
Required input parameters

• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
• template-id-to-copy - the UUID of the pass template that you want to copy

• customer-id (optional) - the UUID of the customer account where the copy of the template should be copied to. You get this UUID after creating the customer using the API

• name - the name of the copy must be specified in the JSON payload

• useDefaultImages (optional) - set this to true if the default Icon and Logo of the customer should be used for the copy of the template

Returned values
If the template has been copied successfully, Status 201 (Created) will be returned. If you specify an invalid customer ID or pass ID Status 404 will be returned.

Example payload:

  1. {
  2. "name": "Copy of Template 1",
  3. "useDefaultImages": true
  4. }