Update an account

Update your Passcreator account using the API


Updates an account using the data provided as JSON payload
Required input parameters

• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key (the API key of the customer to be updated!)

• company_name - the company name of the customer to update

• address_street1 - the street of your customer

• address_street2 - the second line of the street of your customer

• zip_code

• city

• country - lowercase name of the country your customer is located at e.g. germany

• vat_id

• maximum_number_of_active_passes - the maximum amount of active passes this customer should be able to use

• system_language - the language the customer wants to use. Can be de or en (german or english)

• email - the E-Mail address of the customer

• first_name - the first name of the contact person of the customer

• last_name - the last name of the contact person of the customer

• logoUrl (optional) - the URL to the logo of the customer. Will be used when creating new Pass Templates by default

• iconUrl (optional) - the URL to the icon of the customer that should be used for new Pass Templates.

Returned values

Will return HTTP 204 (No Content) if the update has been successful.

Example Input (JSON payload)

  1. {
  2. "company_name": "Test Company",
  3. "address_street1": "Teststraße 12",
  4. "address_street2": "",
  5. "zip_code": "81737",
  6. "city": "München",
  7. "country": "germany",
  8. "vat_id": "DE12345678",
  9. "maximum_number_of_active_passes": "200",
  10. "system_language": "de",
  11. "email": "test@passcreator.com",
  12. "first_name": "Rainer",
  13. "last_name": "Zufall",
  14. "logoUrl": "http://www.passcreator.com/_Resources/Static/Packages/Brainswarm.PasscreatorDe/Images/passcreator_logo.png",
  15. "iconUrl": "http://www.passcreator.com/_Resources/Static/Packages/Brainswarm.PasscreatorDe/Images/passcreator_logo.png"
  16. }