Search a pass based on its content

Search for a pass using a keyword contained in it's content. This endpoint allows you to e.g. search for a name or e-mail that is not being used in a barcode.
Required input parameters

• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
• UID of the pass-template you want to search passes for
• Search String - the keyword you want to search for

Returned values
JSON-Array containing an array for each pass that has been found. The array for each pass contains these fields:
• identifier - the UID of the pass that has the given ID
• uri - the URI of the pass that can be used to update or delete the pass
• generatedId - the ID (this is the one that was given in the request)
• searchString - contains all data on the pass separated by pipe symbols |
• passData - If you've specified a custom data format how you want to show data of your pass, this will be returned here
• voided - false, if the pass is not voided, means it has not been used. true, if the pass is voided, means it has been used already.
• userProvidedId - if you've specified a userProvidedId, it will be returned here
• passTemplateGuid - the GUID of the pass-template that was used to create the pass.
• passTemplateName - the name of the pass-template that was used to create the pass
• linkToPassPage - the URL to the page where your users can download the pass
• thumbnail - if this pass contains a thumbnail (possible for event tickets and membership cards), the URL to the thumbnail image will be returned here. Otherwhise null.
• qrCodeImage - the URL to the QR Code that is shown on the pass
• passFieldData - all personalised fields of this pass including additional properties as an array.

Example output:

  1. {
  2. "identifier": "1d2ffd3d-bf5c-4c11-964f-018aee016dda",
  3. "uri": "",
  4. "generatedId": "5b55c8058e3c77.10425272",
  5. "searchString": "John|Doe",
  6. "passData": "John\\n\r\nDoe",
  7. "voided": false,
  8. "userProvidedId": "",
  9. "passTemplateGuid": "6fcf1fc9-48ef-4816-b60a-9d67eeb37fef",
  10. "passTemplateName": "Coffee Membership",
  11. "linkToPassPage": "",
  12. "thumbnail": "",
  13. "qrCodeImage": "",
  14. "passFieldData": {
  15. "5b7eca695e2561.32468541": "John",
  16. "5b7eca695e27b2.73979547": "Doe",
  17. "5b7eca695e27e7.80511930": ""
  18. }
  19. }