Get URIs to resources for a pass

If the given pass UID is known the direct URIs to the actual resources for Android and iOS are returned.
We suggest always using the pass download pages or integrations that Passcreator offers but this allows you to build
your own, completely customized way of delivering passes. Keep in mind that you need to do the device and
browser recognition on your own if you go that route.
Required input parameters
• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
• UID of the pass you want information about
Returned values
JSON-Array containing an array for the pass that has been found. The array contains these fields:
• iPhoneUri - the URL that returns the actual pkpass file
• AndroidUri - depending on your template this is either a URL that triggers the save dialog of Google Pay or a 
deeplink that opens the pass in PassWallet.

Example output:

  1. {
  2. "iPhoneUri": "",
  3. "AndroidUri": ""
  4. }