Get all passes of a pass-template

Returns a list of all passes for the given pass-template.
Required input parameters
• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
• pass-template UID as parameter with the parameter name passId
Returned values
JSON-Array containing an array for every pass. The array for the passes contain these fields:
identifier - the UID of the pass that can be used e.g. for updates
uri - the URI of the pass that can be used to update or delete it
generatedId - the unique ID that is created for every pass and can e.g. be used for admittance tools to check if a given ID is valid. This ID is usually encoded in the Barcode on the pass if you’re not using own IDs.
voided - false, if the pass is not voided, means it has not been used. true, if the pass is voided, means it has been used already.
searchString - contains all data on the pass separated by pipe symbols |

Example output:

  1. [
  2. {
  3. "identifier": "64d55135-8a4c-afb0-e107-4d17d771b9c5",
  4. "uri": "https:/",
  5. "generatedId": "552168de589ac1.65142085",
  6. "voided": false,
  7. "searchString": "552168de589ac1.65142085|no value specified||test|test|"
  8. },
  9. {
  10. "identifier": "a4d65132-8a1c-afv2-e107-4d17d771b9c5",
  11. "uri": "https:/",
  12. "generatedId": "152168de589ac1.65142085",
  13. "voided": false,
  14. "searchString": "152168de589ac1.65142085|no value specified||test|test|"
  15. }
  16. ]