Check if a pass is known to a given ID

Checks if a pass is found for the given ID. This function can e.g. be used to check if a pass that is shown on admittance of a event is valid. To use this it is required that the ID is encoded in the passes’ barcode. Please note that this only works reliable if you're using unique IDs as Barcode values. You can either use the unique IDs that are created by Passcreator for every pass or provide your own IDs.
Required input parameters
• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
• ID that should be searched for
Returned values
JSON-Array containing an array for every pass. The array for the passes contain these fields:
error - if an error occurred it is specified here. If the field is empty, no error occurred.
identifier - the UID of the pass that has the given ID
uri - the URI of the pass that can be used to update or delete the pass
generatedId - the ID (this is the one that was given in the request)
voided - false, if the pass is not voided, means it has not been used. true, if the pass is voided, means it has been used already.
passTemplateGuid - the GUID of the pass-template that was used to create the pass.
searchString - contains all data on the pass separated by pipe symbols |

Example output:

  1. {
  2. "error": "",
  3. "identifier": "caf45b94-79b1-dc0a-e003-9dd02b2792ae",
  4. "uri": "https:/",
  5. "generatedId": "552428addf5cd4.83175649",
  6. "searchString": "552428addf5cd4.83175649|",
  7. "voided": false,
  8. "passTemplateGuid": "36d35326-16f6-4cc2-ae74-28dfc3873be3"
  9. }