Creating App Scans

Submit an App Scan Event to Passcreator

Create an App Scan

To submit an App Scan to the Passcreator service, use this API endpoint. Please note that this just tracks an App Scan. You need to use the API endpoints to look for passes by their ID/Barcode value before to determine the status of the App Scan (e.g. pass is known, pass is valid etc.). The App Scan just tracks this information but doesn't validate passes for example.

Creates a new App Scan using the values submitted as JSON payload
Required input parameters

• HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key

• appConfigurationId - the unique ID of the App Configuration that is tied to this App Scan

• scanStatus - 0 means the pass was known and has been voided after it has been scanned. 1 means the pass was know but it has already been voided and is therefore not valid. 2 means the pass was known and the attendance of a user has been saved. 3 means the pass hasn't been found which happens if an invalid Barcode is scanned. This can happen e.g. if you've deleted passes or a Barcode value that is invalid in general has been scanned.

• scannedBarcodeValue - the value of the Barcode that has been scanned

• deviceName - the name of the device that has been used to scan the Wallet pass

• createdOn - the date and time when the App Scan has happend (format: 2017-05-01 20:10:04)

• setVoided - indicates if the pass should be voided (marked invalid) afterwards. This triggers a Push Update on the user's Smartphone and greys out the Barcode of the pass
• additionalProperties - an array consisting of the IDs of the additional property as key and it's value as value of the array

Returned values

• appScanId - the unique identifier (UUID) of this very App Scan

Example JSON payload:

  1. {
  2. "appConfigurationId": "d348b157-e15b-445b-a1e3-0d26101f3b20",
  3. "passId": "198b5f2f-ae59-4b1f-8d43-7726dc9a738c",
  4. "scanStatus": 1,
  5. "createdOn": "2017-05-17 08:00:00",
  6. "scannedBarcodeValue": "58ff47678758f4.39729240",
  7. "deviceName": "My iPhone",
  8. "setVoided": true,
  9. "additionalProperties": {
  10. "1": "value1",
  11. "2": "value2"
  12. }
  13. }

Example response:

  1. {
  2. "appScanId": "4c19c1e8-b14a-4846-a597-5b53fcdb8a92"
  3. }